NeuronC User's Manual: Index

NeuronC: A neural circuit simulation language

User's Manual Version 6.4

Dec, 2017

Robert G. Smith
Department of Neuroscience
University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6058

All Rights Reserved. Copyright (C) 2018.

Table of Contents

How to run NeuronC without reading the Manual.

1) Boot UNIX on your personal computer either from the hard disk (the Linux partition must be active for this to work) or from a Linux boot floppy. Login with either your name if you have a login or someone else's name if you don't have one.

2) With Linux running in the computer, type "nc". This will run the NeuronC program.

3) Type in the following lines:

      connect 1 to 2 cable length=200 dia=0.2;
      stim node 1 vclamp= -.01 start=.01 dur=.001;
      plot V[1],V[2];
This describes a passive neural cable with a transient voltage clamp on one end and recording sites at both ends.

4) Type "run;" and the model will run. NeuronC prints out a list of times and voltage or current records according to the plot commands you give it.

5) To give a graphics display, start with the command "ncv". This is a symbolic link to "nc". To display graphics with NeuronC, the computer should have either X Windows or a VGA compatible display card.

6) You have successfully run NeuronC.